What Is Letterpress And Why Is It The Best Choice For Invitations?

An invitation is more than just a piece of mail; it's also a memento of an important occasion. When purchasing invitations for a major life event, like a wedding or graduation, most people look for classic designs that will fit the beauty and significance of the event. For truly elegant invitations, letterpress is the preferred printing method.

What Is Letterpress And How Does It Work?

Letterpress is an old-fashioned type of printing that involves the creation of raised plates or dies that are inked and pressed into a thick sheet of paper. The result is a printed pattern with a noticeable texture that is quite distinct from flat printed designs. Because each color of ink requires a separate plate, most people limit their designs to one or two colors and focus instead on style.

What Should Customers Consider When Purchasing Invitations?

Letterpress may not be the perfect solution for every type of invitation. It is important to be aware that letterpress tends to be a more expensive and time-consuming method, since new plates have to be created for each design and it can be costly to maintain the press. In addition, letterpress is a slower method since so much of the process is done by hand. It could take up to eight hours just to print 100 invitations. However, most customers feel that the product they get is worth the time and investment.

Why Do People Choose Letterpress Invitations?

While digital printed designs can offer more color and a wider variety of designs, letterpress offers a higher quality of printing and paper. The pressed-in letters are richly detailed and the overall aesthetic effect is bold and eye-catching. Another benefit is the option to use certain types of paper, like cotton and heavy card stock, that do not work well with other printing methods.

Where To Find Letterpress Printing Services?

Not all printers have the equipment necessary for this type of printing, so it make take a little research to find a local printer who can do the job. Fortunately, it's possible to find printers online who offer letterpress invitations. To learn about one printing company that specializes in this printing technique, visit www.gkcraig.com.au.